Twi-Pole Sunshade


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Direct Hi-Res Download – 96k/24bit .WAVs – $5.00
Get the EP immediately and direct in hi-res. These are down-resed from the original 192k Masters by label head Allen Farmelo using Izotope software. Gentle filter slope was applied. Includes album art.

Direct Hi-Res Download – 192k/24bit .WAVs – $5.00
Get the EP immediately and direct in hi-res. Captured from the analog mix at 192k using the TASCAM DA3000, these masters have not been truncated in any way.  Includes album art

About the Album

Twin-Pole Sunshade is the first release from Quindar, a joint project between Mikael Jorgensen and historian & curator of modern and contemporary art, James Merle Thomas.

Remember the “beeps” heard in recordings of communications with early manned NASA space missions?  They are called “Quindar Tones.”  These beeps let both astronauts and mission control that they were still in contact with each other.  If the beeps went away, that meant that something was wrong with the radio & would need to be addressed or fixed.  These beeps were generated by a very simple, rudimentary synthesizer, and Jorgensen and Thomas were smitten by the geeky synth part, but that the Quindar tones’ function is to say, “Are you there?”  “Yes, we’re still here. Are you still there?”



Release Date — October 14th, 2016

Catalog # — BSR014


Track List

  1. Twin-Pole Sunshade

  2. Six Degrees of Freedom



  • Produced by Mikael Jorgensen

  • Mixed and Mastered by Allen Farmelo