Twin-Pole Sunshade – Quindar

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Track List

1. Twin-Pole Sunshade 2. Six Degrees of Freedom

Release Info

Release Date: April 16, 2015
Catalog Number: BSR014


Produced and recorded by Mikael Jorgensen.
Mixed and Mastered at The Snow Farm by Allen Farmelo.
Illustration and design by Lindsay Ballant.

About Twin-Pole Sunshade

Butterscotch Records is pleased to present Twin-Pole Sunshade, the first official release from Quindar, a collaboration between Grammy award–winning musician Mikael Jorgensen (Wilco) and art historian and curator James Merle Thomas (University of Southern California). “Part theory, part band,” Quindar combines rigorous historical research with musical performance.

Twin-Pole Sunshade sees Jorgensen and Thomas drawing from the official archives of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to conjure a Cold War period aesthetic. Combining the sounds of early computing, telemetry systems and radar equipment with space-mission recordings and early synthesizer technologies that flourished during the same era, Twin-Pole Sunshade is an unexpectedly danceable record that also reads like an historical document.

The title song, “Twin-Pole Sunshade,” draws from archival recordings of the Skylab II mission—the first flight to NASA’s manned orbital space station in 1973.. The track is built around specific recordings culled from Skylab’s precarious start: the space station was damaged upon launch, and crew members Pete Conrad, Joseph Kerwin, and Paul Weitz were forced to conduct numerous spacewalks in order to repair their craft. The track follows an excerpt from the astronauts’ conversation with Russell “Rusty” Schweickart—who rehearsed maneuvers in an underwater mockup of Skylab, then communicated with the astronauts in real time during their spacewalk.

The accompanying track, “Six Degrees of Freedom,” unfolds over nine minutes and draws from the initial telemetry readings that tracked Skylab during its launch in April 1973. Dredged through tape delay, the depth of these technical recordings is matched by Jorgensen’s remarkably emotional mono Moog improvisation, which showcases his real-time command of both the traditional keyboard and the synthesizer’s myriad controls.

Quindar performs regularly in southern California and collaborates with musicians, visual artists, and graphic designers. Twin-Pole Sunshade and Quindar’s current visual identity is produced by award-winning art director and graphic designer Lindsay Ballant.

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