Ode to Street Hassle

Mikael Jorgensen (with Graph Rabbit)

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Track List

1. Ode to Street Hassle

Release Info

Digital Release Date: August 27, 2013
Catalog Number: BSR006


Produced by Mikael Jorgensen
Mixed and Mastered by Allen Farmelo at The Snow Farm, NYC.

About Ode to Street Hassle

Mikael Jorgensen recreates Spaceman 3′s song “Ode to Street Hassle” from their album, The Perfect Prescription. Using bits and pieces of classical music gathered from the radio while riding on the tour bus in Europe, Jorgensen creates a dreamy but fractured track that effortlessly lifts the ethereal vocal by Austin Donohue of Graph Rabbit, capturing the hazy, druggy feeling of the original track in a completely new way. Jorgensen also used Donohue’s vocal as a piece of the fabric in the production, manipulating it with vocoders until it became a new instrument layered into the track.

On the collaboration, Jorgensen says, “It was more or less our first time hanging out and working together, and I have to say it was a dream. Austin was totally receptive to all the wacky treatments I wanted to try on his vocal. Instead of recording his vocals traditionally, him in another room, headphones, microphone on a stand, we just plugged a Shure SM58 into a preamp, then into the computer and he did his vocal in the control room, no headphones.”

Donohue says, “Yeah, I don’t want to feel safe or comfortable when I approach the vocal for a song. I take what I hear in the material and push it until I find something more fragile and a little broken.”

“Ode to Street Hassle” was Spaceman 3′s tribute to Lou Reed’s 1978 album by the same name, or possibly to the portion of the song cycle that goes by that name on the same album – a touch of confusion itself befitting of the spirit of the song.


Produced by Mikael Jorgensen
All music by Mikael Jorgensen
Vocals by Austin Donohue / Graph Rabbit
Mixed and Mastered by Allen Farmelo
Artwork by Betsy Frazer (Frazer-Montague Design)