New Weather

new Weather



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About the Album

With their debut album, New Weather has accomplished something usually reserved for heady 20th century composers like Stockhausen or mid-Century jazz pioneers like Ornette Coleman: they created the sonic equivalent of abstract visual art. What is most unique in the case of New Weather is that the visual artist—renowned painter Tomory Dodge—is in the band.  Just as Dodge’s paintings can portray the intricate beauty in an explosion or an urban wasteland, New Weather’s music finds its own beauty, as dissonance and noise merge with lush synth-based arrangements into uniquely 3-dimensional, luminous and colorful soundscapes.

To make the album, husband and wife Sean Curley and Amber Rossino received core ideas from Dodge (often in the malleable form of MIDI files) and splayed them onto the elaborate analog synth rigs of their Seattle-based studio where they layered textures, beats and driving arpeggios until these vast and compelling soundscapes emerged. Mixer Allen Farmelo and mastering engineer Dave Fridmann came into the fold for the finishing sonic touches. Finally, Tomory Dodge created the front cover art specifically for this release, and a print of his painting “The Future” adorns the entire inner gatefold of the 12″ LP.



Release Date — Oct 22nd, 2013

Catalog # — BSR003


Track List

  1. Slip

  2. Automatic Morning

  3. Heat Death

  4. 6EQUJ5

  5. Everything



  • Produced by Sean Curley

  • Mixed by Allen Farmelo

  • Mastered by Dave Fridmann

  • Artwork by Tomory Dodge

  • Design by Betsy Frazer