Mikael Jorgensen will play The Getty in LA, August 8th!

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Join Mikael Jorgensen and a host of amazing artists and musicians for a special night at The Getty on Friday August 8th! Friday Flights brings together a network of Los Angeles-based musicians, visual artists, and creative thinkers for a vibrant evening of sounds and sights. Listen to a DJ set by influential music-makers, attend a thought-provoking gallery talk, experience eclectic video art or an artist’s intervention, and dance in the Museum courtyard. Each session is hosted by artists whose work blurs the worlds of music and contemporary art. They have been invited to bring in a range of creative collaborators to develop the evening’s program. See the Getty through their lens and be inspired to make new connections in the galleries.

A specially selected playlist created by Permanent Records shop owners Liz Tooley and Lance Baressi, released in conjunction with each Friday Flights event, is available on The Getty Iris blog. Sourcing songs from a lifetime of record collecting, their thematic playlists tap into ideas and energies inspired by the Getty’s special exhibitions.

Mikael Jorgensen – 7:15-8:30pm Courtyard Stage • Solo Electronic Music Performance

Mikael Jorgensen began working with Grammy award winning, alternative rock band, Wilco as a tech-savvy and synth-wielding sound engineer. His contributions became so integral to the band’s sound that he became a permanent member in the group in 2002. For his solo music, Jorgensen makes and releases electronic music that embraces the relationship between traditional instruments and music technology. Jorgensen’s interest in making music is to explore not only the intersection of emotional expression and technological tools but also to build a bridge between electronic music and an American Folk Tradition. He also often joins forces with various other visual artists, musicians, cinematographers and designers who create new technology for the music industry.

Cassandra C. Jones – 6:15-7:00pm Lecture Hall • Artist Lecture

Cassandra C. Jones is a new media artist who is represented by Eli Ridgway Contemporary and Judith Charles Gallery in NYC. Jones collects thousands of other people’s photographs, in both print and digital form. She then organizes them in various ways [via video, collage or installation] that tell stories about human observation and the power of photographic imagery in our snap-happy contemporary lifestyles. She draws connections between theses images to demonstrate that the most prevalent scenes we are compelled to capture, somehow link us. Alone, individual photographs have diverse meaning but when linked together they reveal much larger stories of history, ritual, desire and innate human aesthetics, regardless of author.

Shana Moulton – 8:30-9:00pm Garden Terrace • Multimedia Performance

Shana Moulton is a video/performance artist who is represented by Gimpel Fils in London, Gregor Staiger in Zurich and Crevecoeur in Paris. Moulton creates evocatively oblique narratives. Combining an unsettling, wry humor with a low-tech, Pop sensibility, Moulton plays a character whose interactions with the everyday world are both mundane and surreal, in a domestic sphere just slightly askew. As her protagonist navigates the enigmatic and possibly magical properties of her home decor, Moulton initiates relationships with objects and consumer products that are at once banal and uncanny.

Rebecca Comerford – 6:45-7:30pm West Pavillion & 8:00-8:45pm South Pavillion • Operatic Tour of West & South Pavillions

Maine native and lyric mezzo soprano, Rebecca Comerford, has gained international recognition as an opera singer, orchestral soloist and chamber musician. Often inventing new roles in the modern opera world, Rebecca‘s performances are charged with a dramatic sincerity that sets her apart. She made her Carnegie Hall debut in 2010 and has gone on to collaborate with such artists as Iranian photographer/film maker Shirin Neshat, new music collective Alarm Will Sound and The American Opera Projects at Lincoln Center. Rebecca is a graduate of Eastman School of Music and Manhattan School of Music.

Xander Singh – 6:00-6:30pm Courtyard Stage • Solo Electronic Music Performance

Xander Singh is a Los Angeles based musician, producer, and songwriter. Beginning with making two albums under the name Pepper Rabbit, Xander then worked in commercial scoring with the companies Beta Petrol and Stimmung. Also a member of the Columbia Records band Passion Pit, he has worked on the production side for artists such as Selena Gomez, Kimbra, Sara Bareilles, and Aura Dione.

Quindar: 6:30-7:15pm Courtyard Stage • Duo Electronic Music Performance

Quindar is an electronic music duo consisting of Mikael Jorgensen and James Merle Thomas. The name and sonic identity are based on the beeps used by NASA (called “Quindar Tones”) to signal the start and end of radio and satellite transmissions with spacecraft during the post WW2 era. While at a Guggenheim fellowship at the Air and Space Museum, Thomas, an art historian of the Cold War era, invited Jorgensen to collaborate using the exhaustive audio and visual archives of NASA. Their debut record is scheduled to be released in 2015 on Butterscotch Records.

Prism Break: 8:00-8:30pm Courtyard Stage • Duo Electronics and Drum Kit Performance

Prism Break is a new project of Mikael Jorgensen & Orpheo McCord (of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes) who spend their “downtime” enjoying small town life in Ojai, CA. Both share a deep fondness for early 70s German experimental groups like CAN, NEU!, Cluster, Kraftwerk and decided to use those influences as a point of departure. Prism Break addresses the aesthetic and technical hurdles of incorporating state-of-the-art music tools and software while retaining a flexible, improvisational, musical and most importantly, human feel.

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