Graph Rabbit to tour Israel


Between September 8th and 13th, Graph Rabbit will be touring throughout Israel. Below is a statement from the band about their decision to carry through with the tour amid escalating conflict there.

TOUR DATES (click to get details)
9/8 – Tel Aviv
9/9 – Be’er Sheva
9/10 – Tel Aviv
9/11 – Jerusalem
9/12 – Haifa
9/13 – Tel Aviv

Due to the recent escalation in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, we feel that we can not simply announce and carry out this tour without making some kind of statement.

No matter how purely artistic we think our music might be, all art is presented in real-world contexts and is, therefore, political on some level. This is especially true when presenting art amid an escalating and dire conflict that is being scrutinized internationally from all angles.

First, we want our fans to know that we planned this tour far in advance of the recent escalation, and our reasons for touring Israel were in no way political. We had an opportunity to play our music for more people, and it made as much sense to us to tour Israel as it did, say, Canada.

By doing this tour we are not aiming to show support for or against anyone in this conflict. We are pacifists at heart, but also capable of experiencing uncertainty and doubt around our pacifism. We believe in humanity’s ability to find peaceful resolutions to conflicts, but are realistic enough to know that violent action is not wished away by ideals. We don’t stand with either side in this conflict, but instead stand humbly for peace among all people.

Our music is not prescriptive, and we intentionally try to raise questions rather than offer answers. We mean to offer solace to the imagination, a space within which to imagine new ideas, new possibilities and even new worlds. We hope that in our own very very small way we might bring some small solace amid this most troubling conflict, just as we would within any nation’s borders at any time, were we given the opportunity. As always, what actually happens in that exchange between performer and audience remains to be seen.

Graph Rabbit

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