Butterscotch Records launches with art and performance series – Odd Harmonics.

Twelve Theremins by François Chambard, UM Project// Presented by Butterscotch Records and Moog Music at Judith Charles Gallery for Odd Harmonics art exhibition and performance series// 2013

We think that Coolhunting and The Vinyl Factory did a great job of summarizing Odd Harmonics, so you could just jump on those links to learn more.  Or read on to learn more about this six-week art and performance series that launched Butterscotch Records in the Fall of 2013. Odd Harmonics brought a lot of attention to the new label, including coverage in the New York Times print and online editions, full features in Coolhunting, CNET, The Huffington Post, The Vinyl Factory, Boing-Boing (Virgin Atlantic on-flight channel), WIRED, a forthcoming feature in Popular Noise and many many more. These press accomplishments were accompanied by the release of five albums during this show, with full support of radio promotion, in-store marketing (via Redeye Distribution) and individual publicity campaigns for each album.

“For its launch this month, label head Allen Farmelo combined forces with contemporary artists, a designer, a gallery in Soho and electronic instrument company Moog Music—giving the sense that Butterscotch Records is pretty serious, and pretty unique.” – Coolhunting.

Farmelo approached designer/maker François Chambard of UM Project to build a series of custom sculptural Theremins. Chambard made twelve, and the two discussed that each one would be like a song on an album. All of the Theremins are fully functional and for sale as art pieces (the remaining pieces are now on their way to MoogFest, further promoting Butterscotch Records). Farmelo also curated into the event the acclaimed painter Tomory Dodge who is signed to Butterscotch Records as a member of the band New Weather, and the visual artist Cassandra Jones – wife of Butterscotch artist (and Wilco keyboardist) Mikael Jorgensen. The work on the walls of the Odd Harmonics shows was the same as that found on the freshly pressed album covers, drawing an aesthetic through-line from the sophistication of the artworld straight to the records.

“The mission statement on Butterscotch Records website only really tells half the story. While there’s bound to be a touch of the nostalgia for the analog era that was, Butterscotch are taking strides towards a rejuvenated future of creativity and production that simply wasn’t possible before the digital age…With this kernel in mind, Butterscotch’s collaboration with Moog for their “Odd Harmonics” exhibition at New York’s Judith Charles Gallery is all the more fascinating. As the centre-piece, the label enlisted designer François Chambard to build twelve custom Theremins to be at once sculptures, instruments and design objects.” – The Vinyl Factory (read full article).

The twelve sculptural theremins by François Chambard for Odd Harmonics.

The twelve sculptural theremins by François Chambard for Odd Harmonics.

Packed Odd Harmonics


GR Odd Harmonics Dancers


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