Jorgensen - O'Keeffe

Mikael Jorgensen


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About the Album

Born in suburban New Jersey to Scandinavian immigrant parents, Mikael Jorgensen developed a fascination with music and its production while accompanying his father Joe, an accomplished New York recording engineer, to recording studios in NYC at age 7. Taking tenure at SOMA Studios in Chicago, owned by John McEntire of Tortoise, Mikael worked on records with artists like Stereolab, Rob Mazurek and Califone. This period culminated in his work with Wilco on the album Yankee Foxtrot Hotel. Tech-savvy and synth-wielding, Mikael’s studio skills became increasingly crucial to Wilco as the band stretched far beyond the confines of guitar-centered music. Beginning work as engineer on Wilco’s next album, A Ghost Is Born, Mikael transcended his engineering role and began playing keyboards in the group, where he has stayed for over a decade.

Throughout this time, Mikael has been collaborating with a number of other musicians and producers, including his long-term musical partner, Greg O’Keeffe. After listening to the basic live tracks they recorded together for Jorgensen-O'Keeffe, they began to abandon the guitars, bass and vocals and replace them with vintage analog synthesizers, software samplers and music technology of any variety. At first just a few replacements accentuated the production, but eventually Jorgensen and O’Keeffe would replace everything but the live drums. This labor intensive shift has produced one of the most interesting electronic music records in recent memory.



Release Date — Oct 15th, 2013

Catalog # — BSR002


Track List

  1. ARMZ

  2. Quincy

  3. Angry Americans

  4. Don’t Wait

  5. Where to Begin

  6. The Return of Luther Jones

  7. Esartee

  8. Ohayo

  9. BizDev

  10. Yo Smoothie



  • Produced by Mikael Jorgensen

  • Mixed by Allen Farmelo at The Snow Farm, NYC.

  • Principle recording by John David and Aaron Nevezie at The Bunker.

  • Additional recording by Allen Farmelo at Mavericks Studio & The Snow Farm, NYC.

  • Mastered by Valgeir Sigurdsson at Greenhouse Studios, Iceland.