The Cigarette Girl From the Future Deluxe Reissue

Beauty Pill

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About the Album

Garnering critical acclaim (9/10 on Pitchfork as well as praise from The New York TimesThe Washington Post and more), this newly expanded deluxe edition of The Cigarette Girl From The Future from DC’s Beauty Pill is a testament to the endurance of a great record. Originally released on Dischord Records, Butterscotch takes the packaging and presentation to a new level with five new tracks, expanded packaging, new masters and more.

Musically way ahead of its time, this is sparse, angular record is infused with an equal measure of pop sensibilities and full-on tonal deconstruction. The original five songs are in tact, but newly remastered and the five new songs sound as if the band had meant this to be a full length LP all along.  An expanded re-issue, but expanded into a complete and coherent LP all its own.

The deluxe packaging includes a gatefold adorned with essays from the band, the original liner notes as well as a rather humorous story of their first and failed attempt at the artwork for the record (you’ll learn that there is no connection between Butterscotch Records’ logo and Beauty Pill’s name, for example).  Topped off with silver foil printing, this first pressing of the vinyl package is going to be a collectable piece for fans on clear vinyl for only 300 copies (all subsequent pressings will be another color).



Release Date — March 4th, 2015

Catalog # — BSR012


Track List

  1. Rideshare
  2. The Cigarette Girl From The Future
  3. Idiot Heart
  4. Bone White Crown Victoria
  5. Here Lies Rachel Wallace
  6. Undisclosed Location
  7. Rubber Ring
  8. Mom’s Greatest Hits
  9. Rachel Wallace overture