About Butterscotch Records

Butterscotch Records was founded by producer and recording engineer Allen Farmelo as a platform to feature his work as a record-maker and, now, catalog curator. Butterscotch brings an ethos of quality, fidelity and artistic focus to record making while simultaneously nurturing a guild-like community of recording artists and collaborators.

The Butterscotch community can often seem more like a group of visual artists, architects or designers, as they all openly bring strong conceptual and artistic vision to making albums. It is no coincidence that most of the artists have worked in other mediums (filmmaking, visual fine arts, design), and designer François Chambard and painter Tomory Dodge have already entered the fold as collaborators for the label. The conceptual and artistic rigor behind a Butterscotch release is palpable, and one immediately senses that these records are cohesive works of art.

Farmelo’s predilection for analog recording methods (he went so far as to have a custom made analog console and almost always mixes to analog tape), his high standards for fidelity and his interest in the visual component of records are met with open arms by the artists on the Butterscotch roster. Together, they are creating audiophile-grade records with a distinctive warmth and earthiness, stunning both sonically and visually, especially when rendered in the 12″ vinyl format.

Long-term artist development is key to the label. Butterscotch is directly helping newer recording artists discover and build their own sound, transcend genre and realize their artistic vision. Butterscotch also aims to provide more experienced artists a format in which to break new ground and achieve even higher levels of artistic accomplishment.